4 Signs That You Need a New Job

Sandra Harriette:

I have been there, and I know that it’s possible you could be too.

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Swapping jobs is never an easy decision to take. Decades ago, it was common to join an industry and stay with the same company for the entirety of your working life. Now we live with a highly mobile workforce.

According to Jeanne Meister writing for Forbes.com, she said the average worker will change jobs once every 4.4 years, and it’s about half this for younger workers. We have more choice than ever before and you don’t need to accept garbage from your boss.

If you’re wondering whether the time has come for you to move on, look out for these four warning signs.

  1.      Your Work isn’t Appreciated 

You’re a highly skilled individual who puts their heart and soul into doing the best they can. It’s obvious you’re doing everything you can, but you haven’t received any praise since your probation period ended.

Life’s too short to let…

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in solidarity

Sandra Harriette:

In an extroverted society, someone braves to go the opposite route and take the journey inward rather than out.

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IMG_8490 IMG_6836

So I have been spending A LOT of time this month engaged in independent introspection through my own meditation practices, in my readings and in reflection writing sessions in response to the readings Seth has assigned. I enjoyed my alone time greatly but was open to testing out the shared experience of a community spiritual gathering. I was asked to participate in at least one religious or spiritual service this month. I was happy that I was able to participate in two. The two were very different in their own right and I feel as if I could have written a blog post on each as I had very different experiences and feelings about each of them, but as Seth mentioned in his initial chapter challenge this month he wanted this chapter “to be to be more internally reflective and self-examining.” My descriptions of both events will inevitably leave out…

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The Simplest To-Do List for Young Professionals

Achieving Goals as Young Professional Careerist

After giving it a lot of thought, and maybe a little too much of my energy, I finally felt ready to address the topic of ageism and its many subtle forms and ways it rears its ugly head. Especially young professionals, job seekers, and entrepreneurs will have to stand firm and be confidently adhered to their passions, and brace themselves for the negative, limiting comments. It’s not always easy. I’ll share what I did to make it a little easier for others. Continue reading

10 Questions: Todd Pedersen, CEO, Vivint

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On dropping out of school, climbing Mount Everest, and working from home.


FORTUNE — When Todd Pedersen was 22, he dropped out of college at Brigham Young University to start his own company. What began as a marketing firm that worked with pest control companies quickly evolved into a home security business.

Pedersen saw additional opportunity in the realm of home automation, and, eventually, residential solar technology. His company, which came to be called Vivint, now offers all of these services for the home. Vivint’s energy management division operates under a power purchaser agreement with home owners. In other words, customers pay no money down to put panels on their roofs, Vivint uses the solar energy to become a power supplier, and the customer enjoys the benefit of a cheaper power bill every month.

Pedersen follows the philosophy that, “Green is good, but it has to be economically viable.”…

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Something for the People Who Grew Up Too Fast

Lea Michele Glee

On this silent, dewy summer night of July 2013, I too heard the cry heard around the world, and it was no ordinary cry. What I’m still hearing today is pulling this kind of stuff out of the depths of my heart. Continue reading

Telling the Difference Between Your Passions and Your Bucket List

This is what your passions look like in your life

You know your favorite color, the movies that make you laugh, the idiosyncrasies that you have, the things that make you tick, the people who warm your heart–yeah, you know a lot.

It’s amazing for all that you and I know about ourselves that it’s still nearly impossible to say we really know ourselves because, well, there’s always something to find out everyday. Continue reading