The Mistake of Getting an Education

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Attend College

When someone asks you about your education, do you also consider your personal investment in it; and does that investment justify your current level of knowledge or expertise? Most importantly, has that investment paid off in a way that supports your life goals? I have a strong feeling that for many people, especially those who pursued higher education, it’s mysteriously getting more and more expensive to pay for something you undertook one time, a piece of paper, a set of credentials, a status, and all so you could do what? Make more money? Be happier? Go places? So you could do what? [Fill in the blanks.] If you find that something isn’t adding up when you reflect on the sum of your learning experiences and what you paid for, what I wrote today is just for you. Continue reading

Precious Things that Get Stolen from Creative People

How to Choose the Right Passion

At some point in your life, you’re going to be searching for something new, even when you think you have “arrived” or found all the answers to your pressing questions. In fact, you’re still on that road (as am I) and you’re going to meet some people along the way who will thoroughly challenge you and everything you think you know about yourself. Maybe that challenge will be immediately doable, but maybe the bigger challenge will come afterwards when you still need to handle life after encountering those people. So who are they and what do they do in the first place? Continue reading